An automated email marketing platform that enables scheduled email sequences to be sent at any date and time.

Sales & Marketing
United Kingdom
3 months
Product Development
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft
  • Outlook
  • IMAP
  • POP
  • 1 PM/BA
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 QA


The primary objective of this project is to develop and launch a user-friendly website where users can quickly build their own companies, manage projects, and set up email sequences for each project. Users will have the flexibility to schedule when emails are sent and can use Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or IMAP/POP accounts as sender emails. The platform will also ensure secure payment processing for subscription payments, facilitating transparent and efficient financial transactions. Additionally, administrators can invite managers and admins to join their companies, allowing for effective workload distribution.

Our Contribution

The company developed and launched a user-friendly web application to streamline company establishment and management. This centralized platform offers efficient project management capabilities, allowing users to create and customize email sequences for each project. It supports email automation with options to choose sender emails from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or IMAP/POP accounts. Administrators can invite and collaborate with managers, promoting effective task delegation and organizational efficiency.


  • develop a convenient and understandable user interface
  • implement secure payment
  • implement integration with Google and receive their approval
  • implement integration with Microsoft
  • implement integration via IMAP/POP
  • implement email sequence sending with the correct time zones
  • implement delays between emails

Project deliverables

The main project deliverables developed by Peppernode include the following:

  • Developing and launching a user-friendly email sequence-sending platform
  • Redefining how marketing companies can set and schedule email campaigns
  • Delivering a robust project management module that allows users to create, customize, and manage email sequences for each project
  • Enhancing the platform’s functionality to support effective delegation of tasks for collaborative work environments


The company’s contribution resulted in a revolutionary, user-friendly web application for seamless company and project management. The robust project management module allows users to effortlessly create and customize email sequences, enhancing efficiency and coordination. Different email automation features cater to user preferences, supporting popular providers and personal IMAP/POP accounts.

Secure payment processing instills confidence in users, ensuring the safety of financial transactions. Collaboration tools for administrators facilitate effective task delegation, fostering a dynamic work environment. Overall, the company’s integrated approach establishes a comprehensive business ecosystem, setting new standards for user-centric, efficient business management platforms.