Boutique Bars

A user-friendly loyalty app for better deals and events management.

Events managementFoodtech
Hong Kong
3 months
Mobile app development
  • Como – Customer engagement and loyalty solution
Boutique Bars
  • 1 PM/BA
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Designer


The goal of the project was to help a restaurant chain in Hong Kong provide its customers with the ability to see and manage their loyalty program deals. This aimed at improving customer experience and enhancing satisfaction by developing a handy app to see and manage loyalty deals and navigate events.

Our Contribution

We have created a robust mobile application — now restaurant visitors can manage their rewards, choose from special offers available, get a personal digital loyalty card, and use it to pay for the order and save.


The main challenge for the project was to set up an integration with Como (customer engagement & loyalty solution). The data stored purely in the Como app had to be available and accessible for restaurant clients to track special offers and events, and use their rewards effortlessly. This required research of Como and its API capabilities to create custom business workflows beyond standard Como functionalities.

Boutique Bars

Project deliverables

  1. iOS and Android loyalty app for customers with a user-friendly interface for effortless deals and event management. UI/UX design, deployment, quality assurance, and technical support services provided.
  2. Integration with Como engagement and loyalty solution to enable business to manage customer rewards, loyalty points, and promotions effectively.
Boutique Bars
  1. Sign up/Log in functionality, nearest venues and events navigation, and news.
  2. Loyalty card and purchase functionality: get and use loyalty card, track rewards gained, purchase with rewards, and see available items to purchase with loyalty points.
  3. Premium subscription functionality for loyal customers allowing them to purchase credits and pay bills for less.


As a result of the project, the client now has a fully functional mobile loyalty and reward app available for their clients. They can now easily access their rewards balance, view available rewards, locate nearby restaurants, and stay updated on events happening at the chain’s locations. Additionally, a premium subscription feature has been introduced to offer discounts to loyal customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The project enables restaurant managers to improve the customer experience and increase loyalty, and thus profit.