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Translation Services
5 months
Product Development
  • Connection of payment system with LocalizeLab through Stripe integration
  • SmartCAT integration
  • Slack integration
  • 1 PM/BA
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 QA


A platform where users can directly order translations, choose languages, upload files, see the calculated price, pay for the order on the checkout, and have files ready to download when it's available. Administrators manage each project: status updates, delivery tracking, quotes, and invoices management.

Our Contribution

The company’s contribution to the project involved developing and implementing a comprehensive platform that streamlined the translation ordering process. Users can directly place orders for translations, select languages, upload files, view calculated prices, and complete payments seamlessly at checkout. The platform also ensures that users receive their translated files promptly by providing download access once the translation is ready. Additionally, administrators have robust project management tools, allowing them to manage project statuses, track deliveries, handle quotes, and manage invoices efficiently. This contribution significantly enhanced the efficiency and convenience of translation services, benefiting both users and administrators alike.


The project encountered such challenges:

  • develop a convenient and understandable user interface
  • implement automatic text analysis and word counting
  • implement secure payment
  • provide administrators with the ability to easily and conveniently work with orders
  • implement integration with Slack

Project deliverables

The main project deliverables developed by Peppernode include the following:

  • Intuitive Interface for Translation Ordering
  • Users can directly order translations through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Language selection and file upload functionalities are seamlessly integrated for user convenience.
    Real-time Price Calculations
  • The platform provides instant price calculations based on selected languages and uploaded files.
  • Transparency in pricing enhances user trust and satisfaction.
  • Secure Checkout System
  • Integration of a secure checkout system enables users to pay for their orders online.
  • Efficient transaction processing enhances convenience and user experience.
  • Prompt Availability of Translated Files
  • Upon completion, translated files are swiftly available for download.
  • Users have quick and convenient access to their finalized projects.


As a result of the project, users can effortlessly order translations via a user-friendly interface, selecting languages and uploading files effortlessly. The platform offers real-time price calculations based on language choices and uploaded files, ensuring transparency in pricing. Integration of a secure checkout system enables users to pay for their orders online, streamlining transaction processing conveniently. Upon completion, translated files are promptly available for download, providing users with rapid access to their finalized projects.
Users and administrators benefit from enhanced project visibility, allowing them to track the status of each project in real-time.

The platform is designed with scalability in mind, accommodating the growth of users and projects. Its adaptable architecture allows for the seamless addition of new features and languages to meet evolving industry and user needs.