End-to-end E-Tender management platform

5 months
Product Development
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 QA


Peppernode's mission in the ZoomTender project was to deliver an all-encompassing solution for effortless E-Tender management. We focused on creating a platform that seamlessly integrates the various stages of the tendering process, from bid publication to contract award. With our expertise, we aimed to enhance the user experience, providing a user-friendly interface and efficient functionalities to streamline the entire tendering journey. The goal was to empower organizations with a powerful tool that simplifies E-Tender management and ensures a smooth and effective process.

Our Contribution

Our team contributed to crafting and refining the platform’s versatile features, enabling effortless tender creation, bid customization, and streamlined management throughout the procurement process. We ensured that finalizing tenders and generating purchase and work orders became a seamless experience, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Implementing real-time notifications and customizable settings was part of Peppernode’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and personalized platform.


The project encountered such challenges:

  • Selection of the best tender offer by analyzing all aspects – price, capacity and delivery date
  • Communication between the tender owner and the contractor – real-time chat and correspondence
  • Creation of Purchase order and Word Order after the end of the tender and identification of the winner
  • Improvement of paperless document flow
  • Improvement of the notification system

We have been working with the Peppernode team for over 2 years now, and they have always delighted us with their high quality work. In addition, they adhere to timelines, communicate well and offer valuable suggestions to improve the functionality of the product. They also take full ownership of their work and are always forthcoming in resolving issues and proactively solving problems. We will continue to partner with them for our future projects.
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Project deliverables

The main project deliverables developed by Peppernode include the following:

  • Initiate public or private tenders with control over pricing visibility and detailed specifications
  • Effortlessly create and customize bids for an efficient and tailored procurement process
  • Streamline and oversee the entire tendering process for transparency, efficiency, and compliance
  • Smoothly conclude the tendering process with user-friendly finalization tools, ensuring seamless contract awards
  • Generate Purchase Orders (PO) and Work Orders (WO) – effortlessly creating clear communication channels with vendors and contractors
  • Stay informed with real-time updates on tender and bid status changes, celebrating successful tenders
  • Manage ZoomTender experience effortlessly with personalized settings, including password updates, notification preferences, email configurations, and an Activity Log for tracking actions


As a result, the team successfully developed a platform facilitating effortless tender creation and customized bidding, simplifying the tendering process. Finalizing tenders, generating purchase orders, and managing work orders became seamlessly efficient, enhancing overall productivity and ensuring compliance with procurement protocols.

Real-time notifications were implemented to keep users informed throughout the procurement process, minimizing delays and enhancing communication within the platform. Customizable settings offer users a tailored experience, allowing them to personalize the platform according to their preferences, thus boosting user satisfaction and engagement. These improvements collectively streamlined processes, reduced time and effort spent on procurement activities, and ultimately enhanced efficiency.