Evolve beyond traditional security & compliance with EVOgrc.

Security & Compliance
8 months
Product Development
  • 1 PM/BA
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 QA


The project's primary goal was to develop and implement a comprehensive SaaS platform. This platform aimed to facilitate cybersecurity audits and empower businesses in effectively managing their regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Our Contribution

Peppernode made great contributions to the project’s development, leveraging extensive technical expertise to shape key features and functionalities. The team designed and implemented the controls tracking system, ensuring a user-friendly interface for creating, updating, and monitoring compliance controls. Additionally, Peppernode established secure data management practices, facilitating seamless evidence submission through a secure interface. The implementation of security control assessments also benefited from Peppernode’s expertise, allowing users to assess and report on the effectiveness of security controls.


The project encountered such challenges:

  • develop a user-friendly interface
  • develop a system for informing users about cybersecurity standards
  • develop a system of reminders for passing cybersecurity tests
  • make the system secure and compliant with cybersecurity standards

Project deliverables

The project’s main deliverables developed by Peppernode were centered around the key features. These included:

  • Controls tracking system that enabled users to create, update, and monitor compliance controls throughout the organization.
  • Secure platform interface for users to upload, submit, and organize evidence submissions.
  • Feature that assisted in the creation, management, and enforcement of policies.
  • Security Control Assessments


As a result, the businesses now effectively handle their regulatory compliance obligations using the platform, effortlessly navigating intricate cybersecurity regulations and staying informed about evolving requirements. The platform integrates strong data security and privacy measures, safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information during cybersecurity audits and compliance assessments. With a user-friendly interface designed for technical and non-technical users, businesses of all sizes and expertise levels can easily adopt and utilize the platform’s features.