Point-of-Sale Solution

Point of sale and inventory management software

2 years
Product Development
  • Stripe subscriptions and payments
  • WP eCommerce
Point-of-Sale Solution
  • 1 Full-stack developer
  • 1 Front-end developer 



The project aimed to develop and implement all-in-one cloud solution for businesses. It should be a comprehensive platform that efficiently manages front office operations, inventory, finances, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) activities. The primary goal was to offer businesses a streamlined and integrated solution, enabling them to set up essential tools and features in a single place.

Our Contribution

The Peppernode team played a vital role in transforming our client’s business operations by implementing an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system. Focusing on enhancing efficiency and reducing errors, the team successfully integrated a central product catalog, ensuring seamless synchronization across all stores and platforms. This eliminated the need for redundant data entry and significantly improved overall accuracy.

The Peppernode team also streamlined pricing management, enabling simple adjustments across products, stores, and customer groups, including personalized pricing for individual customers. The POS system, compatible with various devices and operating systems, provided the client with unparalleled flexibility.


The project faced several key challenges, including enabling offline mode functionality within the browser, facilitating the printing of receipts from the browser via LAN (Local Area Network), and ensuring real-time synchronization across multiple devices. These challenges required innovative solutions to overcome technical limitations and ensure seamless functionality for users across different environments and devices.

Point-of-Sale Solution

Project deliverables

The main project deliverables for the POS system developed by Peppernode include the following:

  • Centralized Product Catalog
  • Streamlined Pricing Management
  • Versatile Compatibility on platforms such as iPad, Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android, and Linux
Point-of-Sale Solution
  • Offline Sales Support and Integration of features enabling the system
  • Order Management and Inventory Tracking
  • Discounts and Notes Functionality
  • Cash Movement Tracking System
  • Customizable Receipts Feature


The implementation of Peppernode’s advanced SaaS solution, has resulted in significant enhancements to operational efficiency across several restaurants. This comprehensive platform has effectively streamlined front-end operations, inventory management, and financial processes while providing in-depth analytical insights and robust CRM capabilities.

By centralizing the product catalog, redundant tasks have been eliminated, ensuring consistency and accuracy in data across multiple locations. The flexible pricing management tool has enabled tailored pricing strategies to meet the unique needs of each restaurant. Moreover, product’s compatibility with various devices and operating systems has provided unparalleled operational flexibility. This transformation has optimized day-to-day operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and customer engagement in the restaurant industry.