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Over the past 13 years, the number of martech products has grown by a staggering 9,304%, showing an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.8%. This rapid expansion and the constant influx of new solutions may suggest that established giants can’t always meet the immediate needs of small or niche businesses. Custom development addresses this gap, allowing businesses to create bespoke martech solutions or enhance existing ones with necessary integrations and functionalities.

Martech solutions

Affiliate platforms

Acquire software to boost revenue and expand your business reach. Utilize features to effortlessly manage affiliate programs, track performance, and optimize partnerships, driving sales and fostering business growth.

Marketing Automation Platforms

Manage leads, automate personalized emails, segment customers, and ensure consistent messaging across channels. With advanced analytics and seamless integrations, MAPs enable data-driven decisions and help optimize ROI.

Email Marketing

Get email marketing tools developed with your business needs in mind - whether it is a simple sequence engine or a robust campaign management, and segmentation. Target specific customer segments, deliver tailored content, and track performance with analytics.

Customer Relationship Management

Track, analyze, and convert customers with features like lead and customer profiles, scoring, automated sequencing, and numerous integrations for an enhanced customer experience and sales success.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Create, manage, and modify digital content. With built-in SEO tools and robust security features, a CMS protects your data and optimizes content for search engines, making it invaluable for streamlined and effective content management.

Social Media Management 

Streamline the social media presence and performance with the help of software aimed at consolidated management, tracking, and analysis of any social media out there, or even all of them - you choose.

Live Chats and Chatbots

Offer a seamless experience for your website or platform visitors. Provide instant support, deliver personalized automated responses, and use AI to swiftly address and fulfill your customers' needs.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Unlock the power of customer data, consolidate and analyze information from various sources to create unified customer profiles, enabling personalized marketing campaigns and enhancing customer experiences.
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Delivering More Value to Customers

Сreate personalized and relevant experiences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. By using advanced data and automation, you can consistently provide greater value, making each touchpoint more meaningful and effective.

Improved Data Organization

Martech applications collect valuable data, and systems like CRM efficiently organize this data by contacts. This means all customer information is centralized, making it easier to track interactions, understand customer preferences, and personalize marketing efforts.

Enhanced Data Consistency

Reduce errors and give the team a clearer understanding of the big picture. Uniform and reliable data minimizes discrepancies and confusion, allowing marketing teams to make more accurate decisions and choose the more effective strategy execution.


Marketing operates autonomously, allowing one to focus on strategic tasks and plan upcoming campaigns.

Precise Budgeting and Unit Economy

Understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing from different channels in one place and in one format allows one to evaluate ROMI, redirect budgets to better-performing channels, and make informed product strategy decisions.

Custom Integrations and Solutions

With custom software, there is no need to manage multiple tools with different interfaces and data. Instead, one can combine everything into a single solution that either handles all tasks or integrates them for uniform data and the ability to analyze everything from a single interface.
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